Naming Opportunities

Your gift will honor and memorialize yourself or your loved ones in perpetuity while at the same time providing the capital resources necessary for Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to grow into the future as well as to provide for the ongoing restoration and beautification of cemetery grounds and monuments.

Several naming opportunities are available.

The (“Your Name(s) Here”) Community Mausoleum. Our new community mausoleum is the epitome of tranquil refinement. Nestled on a low rise overlooking the Hudson River, it will be the resting place for over one thousand souls. Polished granite and marble facings, glass cremation niches, and magnificent appointments, make this a naming gift you will be proud of. Your gift will be recognized by the placement of tasteful signage placed prominently in front of or on the mausoleum.

Other Community Mausoleum opportunities. Community Mausoleum Side Entrance, Community Mausoleum Family Counseling Suite, and Community Mausoleum Visitor Benches.

The Historic Chapel. Located directly in front of the cemetery’s main entrance, the historic chapel is home to stained glass windows depicting Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and scenes from the life of Irving himself. Often used to conduct memorial services and even weddings, the historic chapel embodies the feel and spirit of Sleepy Hollow. Your gift will be recognized by the placement of a tasteful sign placed prominently in front of or on the historic chapel.

The Historic Chapel Stained Glass Windows. Historic depictions of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and the life of Washington Irving. Main Panel Ichabod Crane, Main Panel Washington Irving, Washington Irving Side Panels.

Cemetery Main Office. Located next to the historic chapel, the main office is the operational hub of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. It contains the administrative staff and all cemetery records.

Please contact Jim Logan at 914-631-0081 to discuss naming gift opportunities.