Community Mausoleum


Be among those fortunate enough to share in the idyllic repose of this historic resting place. Call or email Christina Orbán-La Salle today to learn more: 914-631-0081 or christina (at)

The last act of great kindness that we can perform for our family and friends is to prepare for our own deaths—to make decisions now that will spare and comfort them in their grief.

Choosing a final resting place is one such decision. Made wisely, it is a choice that will not only bring peace to those who survive us but also allow us to face the future with strength and tranquility.

For generations, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery has been the choice of New Yorkers, and with the creation of a community mausoleum, it will continue to offer a gracious haven in the beautiful Hudson River Valley for years to come.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Community Mausoleum


Forward-looking in its concept, the community mausoleum honors the cemetery’s past in its architecture and construction. Outside, its stately gray granite and arched gallery evoke the entrance to the cemetery’s 1922 vintage chapel while inside a new chapel lays claim to history and permanence through wood and marble accents as well as a slate roof.

A state-of-the-art facility, the mausoleum offers:

  • Above-ground casket interments
  • Cremation interments
  • Secure protection from both natural and manmade hazards
  • A variety of crypts and cremation urn niches to meet various needs and budgets

Other Options

In addition to the community mausoleum, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery offers space for conventional in-ground burials, including single-grave lots with a capacity of two interments as well as two-grave or larger lots. A limited number of exceptional lots in the historic areas of the cemetery are available as are a few sites for individual and multiple-family mausoleums, which typically hold five- or ten-crypt burial spaces for seven families.

We invite you to find your resting place in Sleepy Hollow.