Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Burial Services


Riverview Natural Burial Grounds

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, that “Sleepy” place which serves as the backdrop to Washington Irving’s short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, is largely just that – a quiet and sleepy resting place where little seems to ever change. Following the Pocantico River as it meanders through the pristine terrain of the cemetery, one feels like they are in a place lost in a time long gone. One can easily imagine…

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Community Mausoleum

Forward-looking in its concept, the community mausoleum honors the cemetery’s past in its architecture and construction. Outside, its stately gray granite and arched gallery evoke the entrance to the cemetery’s 1922 vintage chapel while inside a new chapel lays claim to history and permanence through wood and marble accents as well as a slate roof.

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Cemetery Plots

Washington Irving, whose words immortalized Sleepy Hollow, is only one of many who chose its cemetery as their lasting retreat from the world. Its quiet natural beauty and profound calm have spoken as deeply to a diverse community of souls, including Brooke Astor, Walter Chrysler, Andrew Carnegie, Elizabeth Arden, and William Rockefeller. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery offers interment options to fit a range of needs.

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